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Our Budsies Voodoo Dolls are perfect for:

  • Re-enacting your first kiss

  • Remembering that dreamy vacation

  • Giving your ex that one final embrace (or jab!)

April Fools!! You can still create awesome Selfie dolls , just minus the voodoo. 

Why Budsies Voodoo Dolls?

Between our heartfelt philanthropy and delivering the most adorable custom plush creations to nearly 96,000 families, we've brought endless love and hugs into the world.

And yet, each year hundreds of customers ask (beg!) us to create Budsies Selfies of their ex's. While we don't ask for details... we have a hunch what they are  really being used for.

Today, we take a break from making a more huggable world and instead answer your pleas to launch... The Budsies Voodoo Doll!

  • Cheating ex wife

  • Cheating ex husband

  • Friend who slept with your man

  • Professor from hell

  • Lazy boyfriend

  • Drunkard husband

  • Siblings

  • Politicians

  • Most importantly: your boss.

Have you ever fallen for an April Fools joke?

Well, you just did! This was all just a bit of April Fools tomfoolery. Don't worry, though, you can still create awesome Selfie dolls, just minus the voodoo  (and yes, we even offer the voice box!).

Budsies isn't liable for harm to the voodoo doll or human being voodood... also, this product is not suitable for kids, or anyone for that matter, because this is all just an April Fools joke and not real. Well, our Selfies service is real (and our desire to bring hugs and laughs to the world is real)... but the whole voodoo thing is not.