Budsies Shark Tank Update

alex furmansky presents budsies stuffed animals on shark tank

Key Stats

  • Air Date: April 10, 2015
  • Episode: Season 6, #629
  • Offers: Two (Daymond & Mr. W)
  • Verdict: Reject Sharks' deals
  • Outcome: Continued growth 
sharks Lori and Rob with Budsies stuffed animals

Do you regret rejecting the Sharks?

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to be on the show, but have worked extremely hard and have raised more funding and at a higher valuation than the Sharks offered us. This is a huge win for our company and goes to show you that believing in your vision and the value of your company can pay off in the end!

Where is Budsies now?

We've been on a high growth trajectory for the last 5 years and are bursting with new expansion plans to keep that growth going strong. At this point, we've produced over 100,000 unique designs and established ourselves as the #1 custom plush company worldwide. 

We've launched several new products and brands (e.g., Petsies plush lookalikes of pets, the Budsies Market for launching new toy lines, and Bulk Production for brands or book authors looking to get hundreds or thousands of stuffed animals of their characters or mascots).


custom design stuffed animal


custom photo plush doll

NEW! Buddy Pillows

custom photo shaped pillows

Specialty Plush

custom photo shaped pillows

Check out our sister brand, Petsies!


custom stuffed animal plush

Pet Pillows

custom pet pillows

NEW! Pet Socks

custom pet face socks

Have your prices changed?

It's been 5 years since our Shark Tank episode aired, so our prices have changed. However, we've still been able to maintain a lower cost than what the Sharks had recommended.  They asked me to raise the prices to $249, but we've been able to keep our core Budsies and Selfies services below $150. You can see the current pricing here. We are committed to offering a premium, handmade service that's accessible to most families. We believe every child should experience the magic of Budsies!

How can I invest in or collaborate with Budsies?

Awww thank you for the love! We're not currently seeking additional investment - the best way to help out is by telling your friends about our services. Sadly, most families still don't know that they can bring their child's artwork to life or create a cute plush doppleganger of their pet.

If you are an established brand or media company and interested in collaborating, please reach out to us at [email protected]!

What did it feel like to go on Shark Tank?

I absolutely loved going on the show. The entire team at Shark Tank was very founder-friendly and made the on-set experience as smooth as possible. From helping us with our prop setup to doing dry runs, it was clear that they wanted us to succeed at putting our best foot forward. Kudos to the producers!

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