Mr. Trash Wheel

Mr. Trash Wheel, the extremely hungry water wheel that lives in Baltimore. He's regularly seen eating soggy pizza boxes, cigarette butts, and old newspaper casserole.

Fun Stats of Mr. Trash Wheel

  • 1. Mr. Trash Wheel has collected 38,000 lbs in a single day.
  • 2. All of the cigarette butts that the wheel has collected could stretch 70 miles if they were lined up
  • 3. Since May 2014, Mr. Trash Wheel has collected 560,184 grocery bags (and counting) 


Designed by: The Healthy Harbor Initiative of Baltimore

Size: 16 inches

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Additional Details

The Mr. Trash Wheel Project

Trash Wheels use solar and hydro power to collect trash and debris floating down our rivers and streams, before it reaches open water. Since May, 2014 the Trash Wheels have collected over 1.7 million lbs of trash and debris including 684,000 plastic bottles, 796,000 polystyrene containers and 10 million cigarette butts.

How Mr. Trash Wheel came to be

John Kellett developed the idea for a trash wheel to address the large amount of trash he saw during his walks to work along Baltimore's Harbor. In 2014, Mr. Trash Wheel was brought to life by the Healthy Harbor Initiative of Waterfront Partnership as part of their plan to make the Harbor swimable and fishable by 2020. Since then, Mr. Trash Wheel has collected over a million pounds of trash, collecting as much as 19 tons in a single day. He is now joined by two other Baltimore trash wheels: Professor Trash Wheel in Canton and Captain Trash Wheel in Masonville Cove. 

Trash Wheel Baltimore
Order of the Wheel

Becoming an Internet Sensation

Mr. Trash Wheel has captured the world's imagination and inspiring them to take individual actions to make our waterways cleaner and healthier. His signature googly eyes, corny jokes, and silly memes have gained him a large fan following and his own secret society. The trash wheels have grown an international audience that include world leaders, celebrated artists, and prominent scientists. Mr. Trash Wheel has hosted three AMAs that have made it to #1 on Reddit and has been featured in Mashable, The National Geographic, Discovery, and CNN. You can follow Mr. Trash Wheel's adventures on  facebook ,  instagram  and  twitter  or watch him at anytime on his  live feed

Mr. Trash Wheel Plushie

Mr. Trash Wheel has inspired t-shirts, art, beer, songs, tattoos, and now a plushie. The Healthy Harbor Initiative have worked with Budsies to turn this Baltimore icon into a fluffy friend. For each plushie sold, 25 pounds of trash will be removed from our waterways. Pre-order your own Mr. Trash Wheel Plushie today to keep the trash wheels churning and fuel the global revolution to keep plastic out of our oceans.

Mr. Trash Wheel Plushie