Custom Plush Commissions of Original Art & Designs

You no longer have to be a kid to enjoy a Budsies plushie! Turning your drawings, art and designs into a custom plush creation is a unique way to further your creativity and bring your art and beauty into people’s lives.

  • A 3D plush stuffed animal of your artwork, drawings & designs.
  • The perfect gift for friends & family.
  • Custom-made and 100% unique.

Artisan Made | Fairly Priced | $129 Value


6 month interest-free financing available. Learn more.

customer preview of stuffed animal being made

Preview the Plush (New!)

We've just launched the "Sneak Peek" upgrade. Now you'll receive photo proofs of the plush while it's in production so you can ensure we captured your character how you envisioned it. We highly recommend this option for illustrators, furries, and designers who have a very specific vision for their character in 3D. You may select this feature in the upgrades section of the Budsies creation page.

You spoke, we listened! NEW for 2017!

Custom Gifts for Adults & Advanced Artists

There is a unique beauty and creative brilliance that lives within each of us and it’s worth celebrating! Budsies are a new, imaginative way to capture your friend or family member's artistic creations and turn them into a huggable keepsake. 

custom plush commissions
custom commissions of your oc
custom stuffed animal from illustration
painting turned into stuffed animal
design your own stuffed animal
character turned to plush
plush character
book character stuffed animal

A Tribute to Their Imagination

Our loved one's artistic expression is one of the purest connections to their heart and mind. Capturing that rare piece of magic and memorializing it forever is a precious treasure that you'll both appreciate for the rest of your lives. And whether it's their own custom character, or their take on a popular video game character, it'll be super special to them. 

A Gift as Unique as They are

Giving someone a thoughtful, meaningful gift that makes them smile is such a great feeling. And I've come to realize that the more personal and outside the box - the better the reaction! It shows your friends and family that you appreciate who they are as individuals.

It’s not every day they receive a custom, huggable plush of their unique design, character or work of art. 

We can turn anything into a custom stuffed animal

Take a look at all of the different types of plushies we've made so far, from chidlren's drawings to book illustrations, and original characters to look-alikes of friends and family. There is no limitation!

Watch Our Stuffed Animal Creation Process

An example of a super cute cow drawing being brought to life. Watch the epic transformation happen! 

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Discover the Most Magical Gift

  • Custom-made & 100% Unique
  • A Great Gift for the Creative Soul
  • Celebrates Creative Expression & Imagination
  • Encourages Individuality & Inventiveness  

Artisan Made | Fairly Priced | $129 Value


6 month interest-free financing available. Learn more.