Careers at Budsies

Our mission is to make make a more huggable world. We use technological innovation to breathe new life and profound growth into the stuffed animal gift industry. We provide the world’s best custom plush experience.

Our People

Budsies is a team of over 100 designers, marketers, software developers, manufacturing managers, and customer success colleagues. We are headquartered in Boynton Beach, Florida.


Technical Lead

andrey technical career

"I’m proud of the technology innovations my team and I have made in the world of plush and e-commerce. We’ve built a scalable platform that spans multiple manufacturing facilities and websites. Over time, I grew from a single developer to now leading a team of six!"


Vice President, Marketing

frankie budsies career

"Having the autonomy to truly take ownership of my work has been key to my growth and happiness at Budsies. It's allowed me the opportunity to personally impact the future of the company and help build products and services that I'm extremely proud of. This is truly a one-of-a-kind company."


Bulk Project Manager

Susan bulk project manager

"This is, without a doubt, the most supportive environment in which I've ever worked. It enables me to fully dedicate my focus to helping streamline processes, from concept to reality. We're constantly evolving with the feedback of our customers and teammates, which makes this an exceptionally fun and dynamic place to call home."

Our Brands

  • Budsies - Handmade plush made from people’s drawings. We bring artwork to life!

  • Budsies Specialty Commissions - Detailed, one-off custom plush for advanced illustrators.

  • Stuffed Animal Pros - From 50 to 50,000, we turn mascots, logos, book characters, celebrities, and corporate icons into custom stuffed animals.

  • Selfies - Custom dolls of anyone special in your life, from spouses and children to friends and bosses you love.

  • Petsies - Handmade, detailed lookalikes of people’s pets. A heartwarming way to celebrate a current pet or honor a past one.

  • Waggables - Adorably round custom plush balls that you design to look like your pets (or your dream pet).

  • Petsies Stars - Official licensed stuffed animals and related merchandise of the internet’s most famous pets.

  • Budsies Market - The kickstarter of plush: now anyone can launch their own stuffed animal line!

Our Growth

Depending on the analyst, annual growth within the plush industry is predicted to be anywhere from flat to 7%. We’ve been growing 20% to 100% annually every year since inception and are on target to continue this growth for the foreseeable future. We operate within the $22 billion toy and the $80 billion pet industries and won’t stop until every family in the world experience the magic of Budsies.

Our Values

budsies core values

Our Vibe

budsies team photo

We are a fast-growing business with a startup culture. Our offices are colorful - every employee chooses their own color chair (and must assemble it on their first day). We wear t-shirts (or whatever the heck feels comfortable to you). There’s usually at least one puppy running around (and typically wearing an outfit). Our workplace believes in the empowerment of all genders, cultures, and races. 

Everyone has a clear sense of their goals and works to achieve them. Our sense of family is natural, not forced. We hang out together because we genuinely appreciate and inspire each other.

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