Create Your Own Custom Pillow

Turn Any Person, Pet, Logo or OC into a Huggable Pillow

  • Double-sided printing and custom shapes

  • Choose from full body, half body or head only

  • Multiple sizes available 

Small (12") $39 , Medium (16"):  $49 , Large (18"):  $59 , XL (24"):  $79 ; Life Size (70"):  $299

Custom Pillow of Your Pet

If you would also like to get a pillow of your pet, you can get one made at (our sister company). The pillows are almost as cute as your pet... but we won't tell them that! They are made of the same cozy materials as our Buddy Pillows and make for really awesome gifts. 

A Special Personalized Gift

These ultra-soft pillow dolls are custom made from the photo of your choosing and are the perfect gift for any occasion —Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, anniversaries, or even just because.

We know how hard it is to find a gift that is  personalized, unique and practical,  which is why we were so excited to launch Buddy Pillows. Photos hold some of our fondest memories—a physical reminder of the bond we share with our loved ones. And sometimes it's nice to be able to hug your loved ones tight when you need it the most! 

  • Surprise Grandparents with huggable pillows of their Grandkids, especially if they can't see them due to Covid-19. 

  • Create cuddly versions of family members for loved ones in retirement communities or memory care facilities. 

  • Give children a way to hug their parents while they are away, whether it's on deployment, for work, due to divorce, or even just for parent's night out. 

  • Cherish the memory of a lost loved one with one of your favorite photos of them. 

  • Turn your OC or fav character into a huggable pillow.  

A Gift for Loved Ones Near or Far!

Many college students won’t be heading back to campus in the fall, but we have something that might brighten their day—print your face on a Buddy Pillow and send it to your roommate, so you can still chill on the couch together in a socially responsible way. Our custom pillows are also meaningful gifts for those who can’t visit loved ones in nursing homes, or are missing family and friends due to social distancing.

custom pillow gift

Our special pillow gifts are all about the details ... 

  • Ultra-soft polyester plush, non-fading

  • Advanced printing technology, vibrant color

  • Image printed on front and back

  • Filler: 100% hypoallergenic cotton

  • Machine washable/ dryable

custom photo pillows

The face pillows are an especially fantastic way to immortalize yourself or a friend and will almost always be rewarded with fits of laughter. I mean, seriously... they are ridiculously awesome!

Skip to second 0:50 for the big (and hilarious) reveal. 

Spice up your home decor with a personalized pillow

Everyone has photos around their house, but how many people have throw pillows made from their photos? Now is your chance to create a one-of-a-kind housewarming gift for your friends and loved ones... or surprise your significant other with a huggable pillow of their favorite person—you! 

face pillow custom decor

Photo Tips for Custom Pillows

The clarity of your image on the pillow will directly reflect the quality of the photograph provided. Please submit the highest resolution image possible for the best results.

best photos to turn into pillows