Book Character Stuffed Animals

Make a 3D custom plushie of the characters from your children's book. Just  send us the picture and we'll turn it into a custom, one-of-a-kind plushie.

  • 100% unique, custom-made to look like any of your book characters.  

  • Make a huggable, loveable version of the characters from your story 

  • Detailed, down to the unique features & aesthetic fashion styles.

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Turn Your Children's Book Character into a Custom Plush Doll or Hand Puppet

Children form strong bonds with book characters and really begin to love them. In fact, most kids want to be friends with their favorite book character. They love spending time with these characters, and getting lost in their world. The problem is, after they put the book down, there is no way to keep the character alive. 


Book Character Stuffed Animal

Interactive Puppet of Your Book Character

Interact and engage with your audience with our

! Create interactive videos or bring the puppet to an in-person reading to give your audience an unforgettable experience. 


You can even turn more than one character into a Custom Puppet to bring your book to life... There is no limit to creativity with Budsies



Bring Your Book Character to Life

Making a custom plush to sell alongside each of your children's books is such a great way to differentiate your story. Whether you want one plushie to show off at a display, or a bulk order to bring an interactive experience to each child, we have you covered.

We accomodate bulk orders as well and ship internationally!

Favorite Book Character Comes to Life Stuffed Animal
Bring Your Favorite Character To Life

Your Readers Will Love Them

Children form deep bonds to their stuffed animals. Giving them the ability to hold your character, will enable them to form a much deeper connection to the story. This is the type of unique experience that will turn your customers into raving fans. 

Looking to order more than 50 plushies? We do bulk plush production as well!

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Budsies Plush and Bulk Samples: Which is Right for You

There are a few differences between ordering a custom Budsies and a Bulk Sample from our sister company, Stuffed Animal Pros . While you're trying to decide if a Bulk Sample or Budsies is right for you, keep these important differences in mind:

Our bulk team saves the pattern of your plush.

If you think you might want a bulk order, whether now or in the future, we highly recommend ordering a Bulk Sample vs a Budsies. Why? Because it will save you you time and money, and ensure the plushies look the same!

Our Stuffed Animal Pros team saves the pattern of your design, so they can easily move into a bulk order whenever you are ready. If you order a Budsies first and then later decide to create a bulk order, you'll have to place (and pay for) a new sample. This is because our Budsies are one-off designs made by a different team, so we can't guarantee your Budsies and the Bulk Sample will look the same. In order to move forward with confidence, we would have to create a new sample for you to see and approve, which costs you time and money in the end. 

Bulk sample orders include printed logos and embroidery options.

Will your plush need any specialty fabrics, embroidery, or a printed logo? If so, you may need to skip a Budsies altogether and get a Specialty Commission  if you want a single plush  or consider a Bulk Sample if you want  more than 50 plushies

Please note: Just like with our Budsies, our team of artisits who create the Specialty Commission plush  do not save the patters for bulk creation at a later time. 

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Book Character Spotlight

Plush Mebo Learns How To Fly!

Mebo, the blue panda is a determined little chap from the Himalayas. Who, after escaping the city zoo, eating heaps of blueberry slurpees and spending endless hours lounging in backyard hammocks while watching the butterflies, birds, and balloons in the sky, decides he simply must learn how to fly. In Agatha Bobblesbee’s endearing read-to-me bedtime story, "Learning To Fly”, Mebo (with a little help from the moon) learns to soar through the night time skies. 

Mebo the Blue Panda Book Character
Book Bulk Order

And Now Thanks To Budsies, Fiesty Little Mebo Is Free to Roam The Real World Skies!

In the fall of 2017, author and conservationist Agatha Bobblesbee asked the Budsie team to help her “release" her blue panda friend Mebo from his 2-D book world, into the real world. The Budsies plush engineers answered the call with this adorable plush Mebo bear. Super soft and just the right size to hug and hold at night. Many thanks to our friends at Budsie for all their design expertise in the making of plush Mebo!

You can read more about Mebo in his charming bedtime story, “ Learning To Fly ”, and of course, you can get your very own Budsie-made plush Mebo at Sophie’s Tale. 

We can turn anything into a custom stuffed animal

Take a look at all of the different types of plushies we've made so far, from children's drawings to book  illustrations, and original characters to look-alikes of friends and family. There is no limitation!