graduation gift

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Congratulations to everyone graduating this year! The day is finally here for your favorite graduate, whether they’re moving on from preschool, high school, college, or a higher degree – You have looked forward to this day for years and now it’s time to celebrate. But before they toss their cap you need to find custom graduation gifts that your grad will love. Here are a few guidelines for finding them the perfect present:

Make Your Graduation Gift Personal

When you give someone a gift with personal touches, it means so much more. Grads will be receiving all kinds of presents for their accomplishment and to pick one that truly is special you need to give from your heart. A lookalike custom stuffed plush is a perfect gift because you can show off how much you know and care about your grad. They are carefully and thoughtfully designed to look just like the photo or drawing you send to Budsies.

Budsies college graduation selfie

Think about what you know about the gift recipient and how you can creatively incorporate those personality traits, hobbies or talents into your custom plush Selfie lookalike. The more specific the better!

Portable Graduation Gifts are Great

In some cases, grads will be heading out into the real world. Whether they are headed to a new school, off to college, a new apartment or new city they will want something that reminds them of home and the memories they made there. A custom plush Selfie is a great traveling companion to take with them on the road.

Budsies Selfie Graduation

Having something that connects graduates to home is comforting as they embark upon these new and exciting adventures. They will always have the custom plush to remind them of this great accomplishment and that they are supported and loved.

[UPDATE: You can now turn custom artwork into a one-of-a-kind plush! Make your own stuffed animal by clicking here to get started!!]

Make it Memorable for Your Graduate

Budsies makes great Selfies of your grad to commemorate their achievements. These nifty gifts are not only budget-friendly, but they are also memorable and perfect for your favorite graduates. Each Selfie is hand-sewn with super soft plush & hypoallergenic stuffing with intense attention to detail. Your graduate won’t believe their eyes when they open their gift!

Preschool Graduation Budsie Selfie

Custom stuffed Selfies are more than just plush toys and are perfect for your celebration. The wonderful part about Budsies is there’s no order minimum. You can create just one for your favorite grad, or many for every high schooler you know.

What better way to celebrate the special day than to give a custom Budsie Selfie plush lookalike? Show them how proud you are with Budsies! Order yours today!