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Stocking stuffers are sometimes an afterthought purchase because of the holiday rush. You want to make sure you have that amazing gift for mom, dad, the kids, and everyone on your list. But the right stocking stuffer gift can really stand out on Christmas morning. Whether you like to fill your stockings with practical, goofy, or trendy items, we have you covered with stocking stuffers for all your loved ones.

Stocking Stuffers for Adults

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Steve’s Goods CBD Coffee

CBD is one of the biggest trends right now in gift-giving. The combination of CBD and caffeine may sound like they don’t go together, but surprisingly enough they make a great pair. CBD is known to reduce anxiety so Steve’s Goods added it to your favorite morning beverage. The company says that mixing CBD and caffeine is an effective way to take the jittery edge off your cup of joe while still experiencing alertness and focus. This makes a great stocking stuffer for any coffee lover on your list.
5oz, $69.99 on Stevesgoods.com

petsies pillow

Petsies Pillows

Petsies Pillows are amazing stocking stuffers for pet owners and your pet! The custom pillows are made from your favorite photo of your pet. The small pillow size would fit perfectly in a stocking. They specialize in all pets from dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, and even pigs and monkeys. It’s really easy to order, just upload a photo of your pet to the website and they’ll print it on a custom-shaped pillow!
Starting at $49 on MyPetsies.com

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Jewels for Hope

Jewelry always makes a great stocking stuffer gift for the women in your life. Jewels For Hope creates handcrafted jewelry and it’s a gift that gives back to charity. For each purchase you make, the company donates 10% of the profits to charity. So you can give a gift that looks good, does good, and you can feel good! The handwoven Green and Gold Swarovski Crystal Pendant adds a touch of sparkle that will definitely brighten up their day.
$75 on jewelsforhope.net

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[UPDATE: You can now turn custom artwork into a one-of-a-kind plush! Make your own stuffed animal by clicking here to get started!!]

Rheos Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a stocking stuffer staple for both women and men. Rheos floating sunglasses will really make a statement on Christmas morning. They’re perfect for parents and kids. You can feel completely comfortable taking these stylish sunglasses into the ocean or pool because they float! The polarized shades have an anti-scratch, anti-fog coating, and 100% UV protection.
Prices vary on rheosgear.com

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ShoeRescue Kit

The ShowRescue Kit is a great stocking stuffer for shoe lovers. The set contains only 100% natural products. The ShoeRescue Kit comes with everything you need to care for shoes and boots naturally – ShoeRescue Wax, a cloth, Protector Spray, wipes and a wooden suede brush. They also have a Handbag Rescue Kit perfect for moms who are obsessed with their bags!
$35.50 on bootrescue.com

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RAWHYD Leather Co. Wallets

You can’t go wrong with a nice leather wallet. RAWYHD Learth co wallets are made of top grain leather so they will last for years to come. There are several different colors and styles to choose from making them the perfect stocking stuffers for moms, dads, tweens, or teens. The company also gives back, with 10% of their profits going to an orphanage in India to pay for the school fees for the kids.
Prices vary on rawhydleather.com

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The stylish and functional “Ponyflo” hat is a great stocking stuffer for moms. Whether your mom is having a bad hair day, is on her sixth day of dry shampoo, or is just in a hurry and doesn’t have time to fix her hair, the Ponyflo will give her a sense of style for the day. The hat is specifically designed so that you can wear a high-pony or messy bun with the hat, so you can just throw it on and go. The hats also come with cute sayings on them like “Mom Hair Don’t Care”.
Starting at $19.99 on ponyflohats.com

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Baja Llama Hawaiian Shirt

Give your loved one a sense of style with a fun and unique Baja Llama Hawaiian shirt. They have custom detailed designs that you can’t find anywhere else. Their motto of #FightAgainstBoring lives up to the hype with a ton of different colors and prints to choose from. Best of all, they give back to organizations that fight against climate change, poaching, and pollution.
Prices vary on bajallama.com Use discount code BUDSIES for 15% off entire order

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Kindness Rose

The Kindness Rose is a unique gift that makes a perfect stocking stuffer. It’s a real rose that lasts up to a year without water! The Ecuadorian rose maintains the shape, feel, and even smell of a freshly-picked bloom. There are several different colors to choose from. The Kindness Rose supports the Kindness For Kids Foundation. Ten percent of net profits fund programs that teach youth the power of kindness.
$30 on inspirekindness.com

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Boardroom Socks

You can’t have a stocking stuffers guide and not include socks for the guys! They are definitely the go-to stocking stuffers item. But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Check out Boardroom Socks. They are a family business that has so many unique styles and designs that will fit every man’s tastes. Better yet, each pair is manufactured in North Carolina so you’re supporting a small business and an American-made product.
Prices vary on boardroomsocks.com

Stocking Stuffers for Kids

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The Noodley LED Light Up Gloves 

The Noodley LED light up gloves make great stocking stuffers for kids of all ages and even the hard-to-buy-for tweens. Kids love all things that light up! You can choose from several different colors and three sizes. They are a fun way to keep your kids’ hands warm during the winter months. And batteries are even included!
$13.95 on thenoodley.com

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Chalk-of-the-Town Tote

You can never have enough tote bags, especially when you have kids! The Chalk-of-the-Town totes are the perfect bag for the library, pool, or after school activities. Write a quote or name, draw a fabulous design or simply a reminder to study for tomorrow’s quiz right on the bag. Then with a simple wipe of a damp cloth, the tote is ready to be used again. You can even have Santa leave a special message on the tote before putting it into your child’s stocking!
$19.95 on chalk-of-the-town.com 


Budsies Beauty Accessories Set

Accessories make great stocking stuffers for kids. The Budsies beauty set has everything you need to make the perfect gift set to stick in a stocking. The cute hair set includes a toy blow dryer, mirror, comb, lip stick, and nail polish. Your child will love styling their Budsies’, favorite doll, and fuzziest stuffed animals’ hair. The beauty set will provide hours of play this holiday season.
$10 on Budsies.com

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Osmo Super Studio Disney Frozen 2 

Kids love interactive games and the new Osmo Super Studio Disney Frozen 2 is a perfect stocking stuffer for your little princess or prince. Frozen fans can follow Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the entire gang through the story they know and love adding their own original art and having fun with movie trivia. The innovative learning experience from Osmo is parent-approved fun for the ipad and Fire Tablets.
$19 on playosmo.com

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Happy Pop Gift Socks Box

Girls are all about their unicorns right now and their socks aren’t an exception. They’ll love this new magical unicorn crew socks gift box from Happy Pop! The cute socks feature unicorns, rainbows, clouds, and stars. They’ll brighten up any wardrobe. The socks come in a great gift box that will slip perfectly into a child’s stocking.
$19.99 on happypopsox.com

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Elsewhere Scratch-Off Map

The elsewhere scratch-off map is a great stocking stuffer if you’re planning to surprise your kids with a vacation for the holidays. The map of the USA includes 32 cards that teaches your kids about the places they’ve gone, locations they can visit, and other facts, figures, and notes that makes them experts on travel. The tear-resistant, glossy map also includes a black dry erase marker so you can draw notes, messages, or pictures to document your travel experiences.
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