The Best Gifts for Grandma

best gifts for grandma

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Our Grandmothers have a huge impact on our lives and it is so important to celebrate them! It may seem difficult to find the best gifts for Grandma when it seems like she already has everything she wants. However, our collection of Budsies, Selfies, and Petsies are the perfect remedy! Our custom plush dolls and animals are completely unique and are sure to make your grandma grin. Luckily, we’ve made it easy to create a perfect grandmother-approved gift.  We’ve got Grandma covered for every future birthday and holiday.

Why Budsies and Petsies Make Great Gifts for Grandma

Each plush we craft for you is:

  • Designed to look just like the person, animal, drawing or creation you submit
  • Hand-sewn with our deluxe super soft plush & hypoallergenic stuffing
  • 16″ so that they are perfectly portable for everywhere Grandma goes
  • Custom made so each plush is unique and made just for your Grandma

How to Create the Best Gifts for Grandma

There are only a few steps you need to take to create the perfect plush for your Grandma:

1. Take a Photo of the Object you Want to Gift to your Grandma

  • Budsies: Take a photo of your drawing, sculpture, cartoon, or video game character that has significance to your grandmother
  • Selfies: Take a photo of a person (whether that is your grandma or you!)
  • Petsies: Take a photo of your grandma’s pet (past or present!)
best gifts for grandma
Budsies make great gifts for Grandma.

2. Provide your Photo to our Designers

It’s super easy to start your order! We give you several options for sending us your photo. If you are ordering from your mobile phone, you can upload the photo directly from your camera roll. If you are ordering from your computer, you can upload the photo from your hard drive or social media accounts.

best gifts for grandma
Petsies make great gifts for Grandma

3. Get Ready to Surprise your Grandma

Get ready for the best gift ever to arrive for your gram! We will send you email updates throughout the process so you know the status of your order and are happy to answer any questions you have along the way.

best gifts for grandma
This former KC Rangerette was surprised with a Selfie! She was a Rangerette from 1945-1947. What an amazing gift!

Building lasting memories with your grandparents is so important and our custom stuffed plushies are the best gifts for Grandma. For your next holiday or birthday make your Grandmother feel truly special and loved with one of our family of custom plushies!

Create your Budsies here. Make your Selfie here. Order your Petsies here.

gift for grandpa
Great Papa Loves his Selfie! What a great 90th Birthday gift! Courtesy:

Selfies make great gifts for Grandpa too!