best christmas gifts for boyfriend

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Finding the best christmas gifts for boyfriend or husband can be a real challenge. You know everything about them, but still, you are at a loss for what to buy. Whether you just started dating, are in a long-term relationship, or you’ve been married for a decade, these best Christmas gifts for the men in our life are sure to hit the mark. They’re quirky like your guy yet personalized enough that they will know you put some thought into your gift buying decision. So, start your gift list early this year and make one of these ideas a gift that your boyfriend or husband will never forget.

best christmas gifts for boyfriend 1

1. Budsies Selfie Stuffed Figurine Of You!

Surprise your man with a Budsies Selfies stuffed figurine that looks just like you. When you can’t be there to cuddle at night, your Selfies plushie will be there, keeping your boyfriend or husband safe and warm all night long. Using your picture, Budsies can transform a Selfies stuffed doll to look just like you. Have your Selfie wearing your favorite LBD, a fun bathing suit, or his favorite sport’s team t-shirt! Your other half will love having you by his side and on his mind. This is the ideal gift for long distance relationships or if your guy travels for business.
Purchase at, $99.00

best christmas gifts for boyfriend home brew kit

2. Mancrate Home Brew Kit

If your man is a lover of beer (who isn’t?), this Mancrate home brew kit will peak their curiosity and test their homebrew skills as they craft their own ales and lagers to enjoy anytime they want. Your boyfriend will have everything they need in this homebrew kit to brew up 5 gal. of beer that is sure to get them “buzzing” with excitement. We recommend this kit for beer drinkers of all kinds as beer made from the heart tastes best.
Purchase at, $59.99

best christmas gifts for boyfriend cashmere wine

3. Cheers With Cashmere Wine

If your guy chooses wine over beer then this bottle of Cashmere Black Magic is the perfect gift to put in his stocking. Toast to a wonderful holiday season with this dark, rich and luxurious red blend. You can’t go wrong with this classic bottle for your wine enthusiast boyfriend or your wine obsessed husband. Take the bottle and sit next to the fireplace and enjoy some couple time and he’ll thank you for the ultimate Christmas present.
Purchase at, $14.99

best christmas gifts for boyfriend petsies

[UPDATE: You can now turn custom artwork into a one-of-a-kind plush! Make your own stuffed animal by clicking here to get started!!]

4. Petsies Custom Stuffed Animal Pet

Make this Christmas memorable for your man with a Petsies stuffed animal of his pet. These handmade plush pets look exactly like your significant other’s pet dog, cat, bird, fish, ferret or pig and will be a memory of their pet that they cherish long into the future. Using amazing detail, Petsies stuffed animals share all the features of the pet from their heads to their toes using a photograph of his pet. He will be delighted that you love his pet as much as he does and remember this best Christmas gift for many years to come.
Purchase at, $199.00

best christmas gifts for boyfriend books

5. Show Your Love To Him With A Book

If you are looking for a more emotional gift that will tug at the heartstrings, try this love book that literally tells your relationship story and what your other half means to you. Whether it’s the way he looks at you or that kiss goodbye, you’ll finally have a way to tell him in this custom love book that you create yourself. This book is sure to cause your man to go misty-eyed as he reads the love you have for him firsthand. Give this gift on Christmas eve, and you won’t have to stand under the mistletoes for your goodnight kiss.
Purchase at, $49.99

best christmas gifts for boyfriend speakers

6. Your Sports Fan Man Will Love This Bitty Boomer Speaker

Your other half will love the chance to take the game wherever he goes with this Bitty Boomer Bluetooth speaker! It’s the ultimate gift for your sports fan husband or boyfriend to never miss a play while showing his team’s pride. He can clip the tiny speaker anywhere and have the game or music at his fingertips. This is a great Christmas gift especially if you’ve just started dating and don’t want to break the bank!
Purchase at, $19.99


best christmas gifts for boyfriend bacon candle

7. Aunt Sadie’s Sizzling Bacon Candle

What man doesn’t love bacon? Give them the gift of bacon any time of the day with Aunt Sadie’s sizzling bacon candle. This candle smells just like bacon and will leave your boyfriend’s mouthwatering every time they light it. Made with bacon renderings and a 70 hour burn time, this candle is perfect to cover up foul smells, and best of all it is fat-free and cholesterol-free. This is a gift that will evoke the senses and allow your boyfriend to smell sweet, sweet bacon day and night.
Purchase at, $26.62

best christmas gifts for boyfriend guitar case lunch box

8. Animica USA Guitar Case Lunch Box

You’ll strum your way into your music-loving boyfriend’s heart with this Amimica USA guitar case lunch box. Whether your boyfriend or husband is all rock and roll or has a little bit of country in his blood, this lunch box will hit every note as the best Christmas gift. It even comes complete with band stickers and will have your guy longing for you each day he eats his lunch from this guitar case.
Purchase at, $35.99

best christmas gifts for boyfriend shaving kit

9. Give Your Man A New Look Of A Clean Shave

Are you tired of seeing your man’s five-o’clock shadow? If he can’t pull off the stubble beard, then Fine Accoutrements Shaving Set is the gift that not only he will like but you will love! They’re bringing vintage wet shaving products back for a safe and clean grooming experience that will make you both happy. This is a great shave set that your boyfriend or husband will actually love using every single day! Get ready to snuggle up to a clean-shaven face that you both will enjoy.
Purchase at, $40 (The Marvel Razor) $12.50 (Shaving soap)

best christmas gifts for boyfriend knit beard beanie

10. The Original Stubble Cruiser Knit Beard Beanie

Forget ‘No Shave November’, your man’s freshly-shaven face may be a little chilly this holiday season, and the Beard Head stubble cruiser knit beanie will keep him warm and allow him to get a bit nostalgic about his beard. This hilarious knit beanie gives the look of a beard without the itch factor and is removable for warm weather days. Show your guy that you love him just not the beard with the beard beanie.
Purchase at, $19.99

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