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School projects may cause stress, but sometimes they can be the start of something great — especially when they allow for the imagination to shine. Little artist Kaci’s superhero Budsie was born from a school project, which assigned her to create herself as she envisioned herself. Here’s the creation that she came up with!

superhero budsie Rather than creating just a student or girl, Kaci decided to channel her inner heroine. For her assignment, Kaci fashioned a superhero named KJA, Jr. out of multicolored construction paper. From there, she used colored pencils to add a little extra color flare.

When Kaci received her Budsie in the mail, she was surprised that her project had come to life! “It was worth it,” said her mother Stephanie. “It’s so amazing how they captured the authenticity of her drawing.”

When she’s not flying around with other superheroes, KJA Jr. lives in Kaci’s bedroom, so she can be close to her creator. According to her, KJA Jr. can shoot laser beams from her hands and she can fly.

“She was once my art work, but now I can hug her,” said little artist Kaci.

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