7 Benefits of Music for Children While Growing Up

benefits of music for children

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As a parent, you want the best for your kids. This can be in the form of their mental, physical and intellectual well-being. This is especially true as they are growing up. You want your kids to have the best so they will be prepared for the one day when they will be on their own. What better way to prepare them and ensure that they get the best than using music. The truth is that while growing up, your children are going to be exposed to music and songs which will play an important aspect in their culture. Here are 7 benefits of music for children can positively benefit your kids as they grow up.

1. It helps to improve their brainpower

It has been scientifically proven that music has advantages and health benefits for children. One of these benefits is that it helps to improve their brainpower and memory functions. According to this research here, it was discovered that the brain of a musician works differently than that of a non-musician. It was also shown that students who were exposed to music while growing up excelled better in academics than those who were not. Music helps in stimulating the part of the brain that is responsible for reading, math, and emotional development. This alone should be enough motivation to get your kids involved in music and related activities.

2. It helps them develop social skills

While growing up, many kids will face challenges of adapting socially. The best way to help them overcome this is by encouraging them to learn how to play a musical instrument or be part of a singing group. This helps them develop social skills, such as how to relate with people, how to work in a team, leadership, and discipline, and how to appreciate rewards and achievement.

3. It helps them build their confidence

If you notice that your child is having problems with confidence, then learning how to play a musical instrument may help a lot. When he or she realizes that they can develop a skill on their own, it gives them that self-belief and confidence boost that they require. As time goes by, they will become better, and become even more confident in their abilities.
Confident Kids benefits of music for children

4. It inspires creativity

You will definitely agree with me that musicians are some of the most creative people today. Whether it is writing the lyrics to a song or practicing a new way to play the guitar, your kids are going to tap into their inner creative spirits. This gives them that entrepreneurial edge over their friends and gives them an edge later in life.

5. It teaches them patience

If you have ever observed a choral band playing, then the one thing you notice is how patient each member is. Band members must always wait for the signal from the person in charge before they play, or else there will be no harmony in the song they are playing. This is the same way it is when your kids are playing with others in a group; they learn the virtues of patience and how it affects others. They also learn how to work together with others while making something as beautiful as music.

Piano Playing benefits of music for children

6. It is a great form of expression

What better way for your kids to express themselves than through music. Skills such as songwriting, singing and stage performance will help your children develop social skills which will, in turn, helps them express themselves.

7. It teaches them discipline

Learning how to play a musical instrument or become a better singer requires discipline and patience. Your children will need a lot of practice. When your kids pick up this habit, it teaches them the importance of discipline and following through. They know that in order to get better, they need to put in the time. This helps them become better disciplined and pursue their goals.

Fun ways to add music to your everyday activities

Now you know the benefits of music for children as they grow up. Here are some simple and fun ways to make it part of your routine:

  • Sing bedtime stories to them before they sleep
  • Get at-home karaoke equipment and sing some classic tunes with your kids
  • Teach them some songs to add to their routines such as when they brush their teeth or songs to help them remember the names of the planets.
  • Take them on a music tour around your neighborhood
  • Going on a long-distance drive? Add some car karaoke to entertain them
  • Plan a musical outing such as visiting a symphony or opera house.

All in all, music is an essential and important part of a child’s life. You want to make sure that it affects them in a positive way. With the tips mentioned in this article, there is no reason to hold back. Whip out that karaoke machine and have some fun belting to your favorite tunes with your kids.

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