Internet Safety Tips for Children

internet safety

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The internet, when used safely, can be a great tool for kids, providing a wealth of resources as well as hours of fun. But it can also expose your children to risks including inappropriate web content, online predators, cyber-bullying, a security threat to personal information, and other kinds of internet-inspired inanities. We have six tips to help ensure that your kids are safe when surfing the internet.

Protect your personal information

Inform your children not to reveal your personal information like your last name, school name, phone number, home address, or any kind of traceable detail about them to anyone on the internet, even friends, without obtaining permission from your parents. Also, they shouldn’t share passwords with anyone. Do keep in mind that the strongest passwords are those that contain a combination of letters and numbers. In creating a password, you shouldn’t include names, birthdays or personal information that people can easily guess. Also, when creating a screen name, don’t add any personal information.  

Report bullies

Do not respond to mean or disparaging comments, and tell your children to inform an adult if they receive such messages. If something takes place on the internet that they consider threatening, have your child talk to you. 

Just as it is important to relate to people respectfully in the real world, your children should also adopt the same attitude when dealing with others on the internet. According to research, internet users who harass others usually suffer the same fate themselves. Thus, you should urge your children to stay out of trouble, be honest, and courteous while interacting with other people on the net.    

internet safety tips childrenShare your photos online responsibly

Discussing sex or sharing explicit pictures with friends on the internet may look like a cool way to catch fun, but such action could cause embarrassment among friends, it could also lead to online stalking. If your children receive sexual images or messages, the first step they should take is to report the sender to another adult. With the help of this adult, you can inform the police. Also, do not post photos or videos on the internet without the permission of your parents.

Avoid meeting online friends

There is really no fool-proof method to know if someone your children met online is actually the kind of person whose image they project on the internet. Meeting an online friend offline could put you and your children in danger. So make sure you talk to your children about the dangers.

Know what your child is clicking on

Do not have your children order any item online without letting you know first. Some online ads may entice you with free things, they may also say that you’ve won an item or some money; don’t be deceived. Their aim is to obtain personal information for mostly unpleasant purposes.

Before downloading software or opening an email attachment, have your children inform you. You should know that attachments can sometimes contain viruses so think twice before opening an attachment from a stranger.

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Internet safety on social media

Making a post containing personal information or inappropriate messages could be perilous. Your children should know that once an email or post a message or photo online, taking it back may not be possible. Your children should be mindful of the fact that whatever is posted on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and other sites remain there forever. Thus, anything that they would not want a stranger to know should stay off the internet.

internet safety

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