Worried about price?

Let us explain why our prices are higher than your average stuffed animal

Our plushies are 100% personalized

All of our plushies are custom-made by hand and 100% unique to the individual’s drawing, artwork, character or picture. A lot of time, effort and attention goes into to each and every one. Currently, we’re the #1 custom plush manufacturer in the industry, and we are proud to deliver the highest quality custom plush products at the lowest prices in the market.

Watch Our Budsification Process in Action

Stuffed Toys vs. Budsies

Sometimes we are asked “How can you charge so much for a stuffed toy?”. And we get it: people see stuffed animals for anywhere from $15 in mass retailers to $59 in specialty stores.

But there’s a HUGE difference between a mass produced toy and a custom Budsies creation:

factory produced toys

Stuffed Toy

  • Mass produced 10,000 to 500,000 at a time
  • Typically made by unskilled labor in large factories (what many consider sweatshops)
  • Often manufactured and imported months before you see it on a store shelf
  • Since there is no skill required in production, the price you pay is mostly the price of materials plus all the profit margins of intermediaries (freight, import, distributor, retailer, etc.)

Budsies Custom Plush Animals

  • Each is uniquely and individually made
  • Crafted by a team of highly skilled artisans (designers, pattern makers, seamstresses)
  • The team must analyze your photo, imagine it as a stuffed animal, select the proper materials, sketch each individual piece of fabric, and sew together all of those pieces into a well-proportioned 3D character
  • The price you pay is driven by the skilled artists working on your creation

Making a More Huggable World

We work hard every day to make the world a more huggable place, and to leave a positive mark on the lives of our customers. It's so heartwarming to hear stories of our Budsies bringing comfort, laughter, love and happiness. Recently, we received a custom order that left our team in tears. An amazing woman and mother ordered a custom plush of her husband that passed away, so that her young daughter could hug her dad again. 

Here's the Facebook Post: 

daddy doll

We are so very sorry for Trisha’s family’s loss. And we’re beyond honored to help her daughter give her Daddy a big giant hug. 

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