Don't have kids? Don't Worry!

Did you know that nearly 50% of Budsies are made for adults? 

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We’ve got something for everyone—brothers, sisters, moms, dads, coworkers, and even you. While originally focused on bringing adorable kids’ drawings to life, Budsies isn’t just for kids. In fact, we’ve received thousands of drawings, custom characters and other works of art from adults, and they’ve turned out to be some of our favorites!

We Also Offer Custom Plush Dolls

We also offer custom plush dolls—the perfect gift for anyone, adults and kids alike!

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We can turn anything into a custom stuffed animal

Take a look at all of the different types of plushies we've made so far, from children's drawings to book illustrations, and original characters to look-alikes of friends and family. There is no limitation!

NEW! Specialty Commissions

Attention artists! Budsies now offers Specialty Commissions, where you get to work directly with a designer to create your OC plushie. Learn more!