Custom Stuffed Animals from Kids' Drawings & Art

Celebrate your child’s artistic creations and bring their dreams to life with a custom plushie they’ll love forever.

  • A beautiful realization of your child’s drawings, wacky scribbles or favorite characters.
  • Individually made and one-of-a-kind—just like them.
  • A precious gift that’ll make your child feel super special.

Artisan Made | Fairly Priced | $129 Value


A Unique Way to Treasure Your Child's Creativity

It's important to celebrate your child's imagination. After all, creative expression is what sets the visionaries and innovators of the world apart from the rest of the pack. Encourage your child’s imagination and honor their creative soul with a unique, custom-made Budsie plush. Want to make the Budsies experience that much more special? Try creating a work of art together!

If you need a little creative inspiration, check out our Inspiration Machine—a super fun activity to do with your kids. 

custom stuffed animal from drawing

Empower Your Child & Build Self Confidence

Giving your child creative freedom builds self-confidence and self-motivated learning—valued skills in today’s world. The benefits of being bold and unique continue to unfold as your child grows into adulthood.

Discover the unique way your children learn and develop by taking our fun "Creativity Style Quiz". 

kid with Budsie

A Unique, One-of-a-kind Gift

Budsies are your child’s own special treasure—nobody else in the world has anything like it. And seeing your child’s face light up with happiness at something you alone have provided is pure magic. 

Foster Connections & Strengthen Family Bonds

Exploring your child’s creative world together helps strengthen the bond between you and your child. Whether they’re hugging their Budsie at bedtime or toting it along to summer camp, you will always be with them. 

gift for mom
dr. seuss loves creativity

"We just received our Budsie and our son is IN LOVE! Thank you, thank you for all of your hard work!"  - Brooke, Austin, TX

Over 20,000 Happy Customers in 60+ Countries

Spoon Budsie

"'Spoon', Flynn's favorite cartoon character he draws, came out perfect!" - Kim, Stratford, CT 

custom plushie

"Mia received her Budsies today!!! She said it's exactly what she wanted and completely worth the wait!" - Christy, Noblesville, IN

Snowman stuffed animal

"My son LOVED his Star Wars Snowman Budsie that you made him!!! Coolest thing ever!!!"                               - Rachel, Phoenix, AZ

220+ Media Accolades

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As Seen on CNBC
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"A pefect gift for your mini Picasso!" - Buzzfeed

Adorable Customer Unboxing Video from YouTube

These sweet reactions of kids meeting their Budsies for the first time will make your heart melt! 

Discover the Most Magical Gift 

  • Custom-made & 100% Unique
  • Celebrates Creative Expression & Imagination
  • Strengthens Individuality & Inventiveness  
  • Encourages real-world play and self-motivated learning

Artisan Made | Fairly Priced | $129 Value