Custom Unicorn Stuffed Animals

Who knew that 3D custom plushies could be so magical? The mythical unicorn is just the thing to give your favorite imaginative child!

Send us a picture of their favorite one-horned friend and we'll turn it into a custom, one-of-a-kind plushie.

  • 100% unique, custom-made to look like any unicorn you can imagine.  

  • Make a portable, playful version of the characters from their favorite fairy tales.

Hand Made | Fairly Priced | 100% Unique

$149 $129

For more complicated designs, check out our Specialty Commissions

Make Your Child’s Dreams Come True!

Children are magical thinkers and are excited by the idea of a fantastic faraway friend. Most kids would love the chance to play with creatures from fairy tales and now they can! With Budsies soft and lovable unicorns they will always have a perfect plush pal.

Now, unicorns can be real! Your child will have hours of fun imagining their adventures together.

Check Out Our Hybrid Unicorn Creations!

unicorn cat plush
make your own unicorn plush stuffed animal
custom unicorn stuffed animal for kids

For more complicated designs, check out our Specialty Commissions

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