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A lot has happened for children’s book author and poet Aaron Ozee since we last caught up with him on our Budsies Blog in 2017. At that time, Ozee had recently transformed his lovable book character, Regulus, into a custom stuffed animal with Budsies. Now, three years later, a lot has happened and his amazing Regulus plushie has been there every step of the way, too!

A Quick History of Aaron Ozee

By the time Ozee had finished high school, he had already published eight of his eleven career-spanning pieces. In fact, if we want to trace the origins of Ozee’s 24-year-old life as an author, we’d have to rewind to the prime age of five years old. By the time Ozee learned how to grip a pencil, he already had a masterful mind chock full of words waiting to be spilled onto parchment. It was between the ripe ages of five and seven that Ozee began folding batches of paper in half, stapling them together, and creating his own mini story books for distribution on his front lawn. These crucial early memories would later help solidify Ozee’s spot as a best-selling author just shy of two decades later.

Ozee’s childhood and teen years weren’t without hardship, but writing always aided him along his journey. Originally, Ozee’s teachers challenged him to write poetry. Before this, Ozee’s specialty was in short stories, plays, and other forms of prose. Ready to rise to the occasion, Ozee gladly took on the challenge. He claims he “owes everything” to the teacher who initially encouraged this leap of faith into poetry. Soon enough, Ozee’s first poem, “Judgement” would be published in his first of many books.

Custom Book Character Plush

Record-Breaking Achievements

Ozee claims that people “didn’t understand” the monument of being a Best Seller at just 17 years-old. Ozee had not even graduated from high school by this time! Additionally, at the age of 19, Ozee held six world records for some of the outstanding and out-of-this-world things he had done with his books and custom book character plush.

One children’s book in particular, Regulus, would be Ozee’s big break. The story follows a rat-king named Regulus who hordes all of the cheese in his hole-in-the-wall palace. The book teaches children the importance of doing right by others, not being greedy, patience, and a slew of other important lessons.

Despite not being a hero in the book, Regulus became a real life hero when he was transformed into a Budsies custom stuffed animal. Ozee explained how fans and readers loved to take pictures with the book character plushie. Regulus soared to new heights, both figuratively and literally, due to Ozee’s drive and Regulus’ custom book character plush.

Regulus the Custom Book Character Plush

One of Ozee’s biggest feats with this book is sending it into outer space. Sending a children’s book into space is one of the six world records Ozee holds. In the first attempt, an organization helped transcribe the book to binary code and streamed it off a satellite. That was not enough for the ever-driven Ozee. By connecting with organizations and figureheads through Instagram DM’s, Ozee found someone who would help with this task for free! Using weather balloons and a GoPro, the two parties propelled Regulus to heights no children’s book had been before. In essence, Ozee is always thinking “What can I do with my children’s book that no one has done before?”

Next on Ozee’s success list was a stop-motion film of Regulus. The film, directed by Ozee himself, was viewed over 2 million times! Other notable feats Regulus achieved include sending the book to other famous landmarks such as Chernobyl and Mt. Everest. Ozee also mailed Regulus to both domestic and foreign government officials. He received multiple handwritten responses from some of the highest-ranking leaders in the world!

Custom Book Character Plush

As Ozee continues to push the boundaries of children’s storytelling, his custom book character plush remains by his side. Ozee originally connected with Budsies’ Founder and CEO, Alex Furmansky in the early days of the company, before they had even launched Petsies or Buddy Pillows. “Budsies has been by my side since the beginning,” said Ozee with pride.

What’s next for Regulus? Currently, Ozee is writing a prequel book dedicated to George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. Furthermore, Ozee accepted an eight-figure acquisition for the Regulus Literary Empire! Now his custom made book character Budsie of Regulus has even more exciting adventures ahead! You can find more of Aaron Ozee’s work on his website.